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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tours !!!

Every Inca Trail travel experience has been conscientiously planned to assure you have a memorable adventure. Our Peru tours offer an extraordinary array of trips, from archaeological marvels to different sceneries including the Amazon rainforest, dry desert, coastlines and frost-topped peaks of the Andes mountains. For the adventurous there is the Inca Trail trek, homestays with the locals on Lake Titicaca, boat trips to the Ballestas Islands and various other adventures.

The Inca Trail tours in Peru is possibly one of the most unbelievable travel adventures in the world. However it is not the only one, there are various trails that also lead to Machu Picchu. We offer various hiking experiences, devised to be suitable for most budgets and break agendas

The Classic Inca Trail this is the one if you want to trek the most well-known path, which is a hike that goes through high altitude. It takes you over the Dead Woman’s Pass and involves steep climbs and descents and beautiful vistas and ends at Machu Picchu

Alternative Machu Picchu Hikes the experience of reaching Machu Picchu on foot is a unique content feeling, which is why the classic Inca Trail trek has become such a favorite in recent years. These days you can’t just come to Cusco and be guaranteed a space on the Inca Trail. To restrict deterioration to the trail, the Peruvian government now restricts the number of people to 500 on this four day hike to Machu Picchu daily. This means if you don’t get a ticket, months in advance you could get stuck drinking pisco sours and watching repeats on the tv at your Cusco hotel. Happily the surrounding areas are brimming with less known, yet no less astonishing treks